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Founded in 2005 by Nanette Asher, Queens Shakespeare, Inc. is a not-for-profit professional theatrical company, which serves the greater New York City area. Its aim is to act as a laboratory for actors of all ages and experience levels to explore classical works staged for modern audiences, alongside re-tellings of the classic myths and legends we grew up with. Our mission is to provide opportunities for actors to perform in fully produced, accessible, and innovative productions with an eye for diversity and inclusivity in casting. Producing and touring in this fashion allows the company to actively contribute to the growth and vibrancy of the developing Indie arts scene in New York City, while at the same time giving a voice and a stage to those artists with the courage and the talent to go beyond traditional notions, traditional casting, and traditional expectations. Imaginative, Epic, Storytelling!


President/Artistic Director: Jonathan Emerson


Trustees: Christina Sheehan & Matthew Pohlman




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