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Press for WDMC

Romeo and Juliet

Back to Verona

Charles Wright


"William Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet early in his career, and it’s one of his most frequently performed works. During the past year, New York City has seen two high-profile presentations of the play, both of which were handsomely outfitted and disappointing. The youthful artists of What Dreams May Company (WDMC) are currently offering a frugal production of Romeo and Juliet that strikes fire where the efforts of those more affluent troupes fizzled"... READ MORE

Much Ado About Nothing

More Ado In Harlem

Charles Wright


The Public Theater presentation of Much Ado About Nothing, with a starry cast performing in the bucolic setting of Central Park’s Delacorte Theater, is likely to be among New York City’s most sought after tickets. Up at the 133rd Street Arts Center, What Dreams May Co. Theatre and Queens Players are currently offering another Much Ado, hardly publicized but well worth a visit... Read More



Review: Much Ado About Nothing

Christine Cali


A play goes right when it’s both written well and performed smartly. As for “Much Ado About Nothing” at the 133rd Street Arts Center, check one for the playwright, Mr. William Shakespeare, and check two for the company, What Dreams May Co.... Read More


A Reviw of What Dreams May Co's Macbeth

Theresa Basile


Macbeth is a play about the relationship between power and corruption and how absolute power corrupts absolutely – and much like the title character and his wife are seduced by power, many a reader or audience member is seduced by the idea that corruption (and witches – don’t forget witches) is all there is to the story. A morally weak man is tempted into committing murder by his evil, ambitious wife, and he kills his way through Scotland in until another soldier cuts off his head and presents it to Scotland’s slightly less power-hungry politicians. ... READ MORE

Great Birnam Wood Comes to Harlem

Charles Wright


Shakespeare’s Macbeth is as topical this month as year-end bonuses and the holiday windows at Saks Fifth Avenue. Ethan Hawke is giving a much-discussed performance in the title role at Lincoln Center. The entertainment press is trumpeting a film adaptation, featuring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, which begins shooting immediately after New Year’s. The Park Avenue Armory has announced that Sir Kenneth Branagh will make his New York stage debut next summer in a highly praised production of the play seen earlier this year... READ MORE

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